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Tala / Eva-Maria Becker – Freelance Artist

Website: www.tala-art.com

Tala is a German-based mixed media artist whose works reside in private and corporate collections across Europe and the USA.  She used to work as a graphic designer at an architect office before she started exhibiting and publishing her paintings.  Since 2003  she has had numerous solo exhibitions.
Favorite themes of her artwork are the effects of color and form, as well as the picturesque expression of the elements. The innovative and extravagant mix of acrylic colours with materials like sand, driftwood or seagrass makes her collages real eyecatchers.

“Painting is my passion. To work with color, to capture impressions and emotions into a painting or just to make artistic experiments, are sensual experiences that always intrigue me anew.
It is amazing how intense location, mood and personal emotions influence the development of a painting, so that it often takes an unexpected change during creation.
The inspirations for my paintings come in many different ways: impressiones of travels, things that I´ve found at the beach, photos, personal experiences or music.”